McBride's Auto & Truck Repair Pro Mechanics for European vehicles

Before Saab stopped making cars in 2012 it was producing automobiles with some of the highest engineering and performance standards in the industry. Saab Automobile AB was manufactured in Sweden as a project to design a small, reliable automobile that could offer engineering and amenities prized by European drivers. The first production model, the Saab 92, was launched in 1949. With all that history and precision craftsmanship it is understandable why you want to keep your Saab even though they are no longer in production.

At McBride's Auto & Truck Repair our specialists are highly trained and understand Saab level engineering standards. We have the best technicians in Kettle Falls with Saab expertise offering knowledge and a skill set that puts them above our competition. McBride's Auto & Truck Repair specialists are always up-to-date with modern technology but also repair and maintain older classic model Saabs.

If you are looking for a repair and maintenance service center near Kettle Falls for your classic or late model Saab then come to McBride's Auto & Truck Repair. We offer scheduled appointments, just call 509-738-9805 today or stop by our service center at 1708 Rickey Canyon Road, Kettle Falls, WA, 99141.